Coca Cola or Jack's Soda, which stands out? With branding, a fairly good selling product or service becomes a great selling product or service. At Exposure, we understand the importance that branding means to a company. We have developed a unique branding process that gives to our clients the additional leverage to position itself to gain higher acclaim amid both its current as well as future clientele.


We have been recognized as a leader in successfully deploying targeted market research, compilation, and analysis of complex challenges that face our clients on a daily basis. Through building on comprehensive studies through surveys, statistical and competitive analyses, and leveraging hypotheses, Exposure can turn existing weaknesses within your company into strengths, and with it, obvious levels of opportunity.

Lobby Plasma Presentation

Organizations are maximizing their marketing and sales opportunities by creating in-line lobby presentations. These can showcase new products, services, and/or local corporate events. Your audience is ready and waiting to hear and see your message. These are easily updated, and can be distributed on your web site and/or on CD-ROM.


Everyone is busy, and it's hard to carve out time to connect with your public about your special products or services. With our E-Tutorials. Exposure can educate your public on how to use your products or services with a clilck of a mouse. Users can learn about your products on their time table their way. These on-line click-through tutorials have been valuable in rasing e-penetration rates for e-products, and provide another venue for marketing media to be viewed with trackable, measurable responses.